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Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre London

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Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre London Pictures and Address
Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre London Pictures

Basic Information
Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre London Address  91 Meg Drive, N6E 2V2
London, ON, Canada
Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre London Phone 519-649-1812  
Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre London Website
Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre London Jummah Juma Prayer Details  Available

Denomination:  Shia (Jafri)
Cultural Ties:  MultiCultural
Imam:  Not Available
Director/President:  Not Available
Khutba:  English
Separate Woman Prayer Hall/Space:  Availbale
Own/Rent Premises:  Not Available Availbale

Services Offered
Funeral Services:
Funeral Services are provided under the umberalla of Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Toronto.Click here to get more information.
Method Followed for Moon:
They follow Jafri Calendar.

Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre London Eid Prayer and Announcements   click here to get information about Ramadan Activities (such as Taraweeh times, Iftar Programs, Ramadan Calendar and more)  Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre London Eid Prayer and Announcements
Quran Classes:
Not enough information available. Please contact the Islamic Center to get More information.

Prayer Timing
Friday Prayer Information:
(Last Updated: Wednesday, September 03, 2014 )
Daylight Saving Time
Standard Time
Language English
Notes Friday Prayer timings are updated every week. Normally it coincides with Dhur Time. Please check with the mosque for the accurate timings.
General Prayer Time:

Daily Prayer Times are available here.
Additional Information
This Musallah is located inside a stand alone building with ample parking. The building that house this mosque/Musallah is owned and operated by Al-Mahdi Islamic Community Centre.

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gInuGp1SVp says:  (Monday, April 06, 2015)
Why does this have to be the ONLY reiablle source? Oh well, gj!

 Islam in Toronto!

he Greater Toronto Area has one of the most ethnically diverse Muslim communities in the World and it is continuously expanding. According to Canada's 2011 National Household Survey, there were 1,053,945 Muslims in Canada or about 3.2% of the population, making them the second largest religion after Christianity. In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), 7.7% of the population is Muslim, and in Greater Montreal, Muslims are 6% of the total population. Hence Muslim Population in GTA during 2011 was 494,186 which is growing every year rapidly. Surely now it much more than 550,000.

With growing population the need for Islamic Centers, Muslim Schools and businesses that support Islamic way of life has increased too. GTA house some of very prominent Mosques and well established Schools in Canada. Many programs and events are organized under these Islamic bodies.

alal is the Arabic word for permissible, and in dietary law it is used to refer to foods that are permitted for Muslims to eat. This usually means that meat comes from animals that have been slaughtered in accordance with the dictates of Islamic law. The Need to eat hand slaughtered halal meat has created a big demand of Muslim Farms. On Eid-Ul-Adha, Muslim prefer to slaughter their animals themselves. Although you can also give money to various Muslim Meat shop and they can arrange Qurbani for you.

TorontoIslam is dedicated to provide you information that you need to fulfill your duties as a Muslim in Canada. Here we have organized list of Many Islamic Center, Muslim Schools, and Muslim farms in and around GTA as well as other provinces and Cities that have seen increase in Muslim Populations in recent years. In addition we have also given rating system, Pictures and Reviews so that it is easier for you to make a decision. This is a on-going effort and we will be updating this site with more in-depth surveys and reports of these facilities as time goes by.

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